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Join us on the calm Mediterranean Seas, we'll be happy to show you what freedom really feels like.
We are friendly and accommodating, and we aim to be the most personalized vacation you've experienced.

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Sail - Happy Sailing

Sail - Of course

You're on a boat, after all

Enjoy the warm and tranquil Aegean sea as we sail between islands following our many possible routes. You can go with our recommended tours or we can discuss and plan your own personalized route according to the islands or landmarks you wish to visit. 

Sail - Happy Sailing


On the boat or on the beach

You can't avoid the sun in the Greek archipelago, so you might as well enjoy it. Whether you lounge on the yacht, gently swayed by the sea, or prefer to find a nice secluded beach, just bring plenty of sunscreen.

Sail - Happy Sailing


There are so many ancient places to visit

The Greek islands are steeped in ancient ruins and myths, a culture older and wiser than the Roman Empire.

Sail - Happy Sailing

Dine, wine

Discover authentic greek restaurants where the locals go

The Greeks are a happy, welcoming people. They eat rich, tasty food, and drink plenty of ouzo. Bring your curiosity and taste a little of everything!

Sail - Happy Sailing

Swim and dive

Clear blue waters and plenty of fish to see

Hot day on the boat? Bring your goggles and dive right in! There are wonderful things to see under the sea.

Sail - Happy Sailing


Bring your rod for some fishing relaxation

If you're fond of fishing, a boat is the place for you! You can get some peace and quiet far from the beaches and the children scaring away all the fish.

  • Great!

    Very good experience and adventure, enjoyed it very much! Seba is an awesome skipper and took us to some great places to swim, eat, and snorkel. Recommending 100%

    Ana Baranjin, Serbia

  • Unforgettable!

    You'll never forget this beautiful experience! Good job skipper!

     Bogdan Moldovan, Romania

  • Extra fun

    Holiday ultra all inclusive and extra fun

    Binaca Pascu, Romania

  • Highly recommended

    Nice boat and passionate skipper. Highly recommended!

    Catalin Rotarus, Romania

  • Responsible and cheerful

    I know Seba from sailing together a few times... He's first of all a responsible guy with whom you'll feel safe. Last but not least, he's pleasant company, with an ever cheerful disposition. If you can make a group of 8 people with whom to take the boat, surely you can go on an unforgettable vacation at a lower cost than a hotel. I recommend!

    Flavius Iliescu, Romania

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